Why Mishkaat

Why Mishkaat

Umrah will be one of the most cherished experiences of your lifetime. At Mishkaat, we honour the sentiment behind your pilgrimage and go beyond just arranging your travel. We help you discover the true meaning of Umrah, immerse yourself in Islamic history and through this, discover yourself.

We help you understand the rituals of Umrah and its significance so you are one with the land.

At the same time, we look after your every need and ensure that while you are absorbed in Umrah, your travel experience is the best you could have. Through door-to-door service, transportation and facilities.

We emphasize the importance of pre-journey vaccinations and provide safe and genuine vaccines through our medical partner, Glosante.

All in all, we help you understand the essence of Umrah so that your journey to Makkah becomes a journey of the soul.

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