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Premium Ihram for a
complete Umrah experience

Premium Ihram for a complete Umrah experience


  • Premium Ihram 2 Piece set.
  • Lightweight: Developed through a patented process making it one of the lightest and most absorbent Ihram one can find.
  • Cottony Comfort: Super fine cotton loops provide exceptional softness and utmost comfort.
  • Super Absorbent Active Fiber technology blooms individual cotton yard into fine fibers resulting in a super absorbent Ihram.
  • Quick- Dry Technology: The unique design and construction of Ihram helps it to dry 50% faster preventing bad odor and mildew formation.
  • Naturally Hygienic: Oeko-Tex certified naturally anti-microbial towels and hygienic and skin friendly since they resist germ growth.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer is valid only for citizens of The Netherlands
  2. 100% Advance Payment
  3. Maximum order of 10 Ihrams can be placed at a time
  4. Delivery charges will be additional if you are placing order for less than three Ihrams. You will be informed of the courier charges after receiving your order and address location
  5. Free home delivery within The Netherlands for a minimum of three or more Ihram orders
  6. For international shipping inquiries, kindly contact us

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